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Pink Wall


Eirini Kontopoulou was born in Athens. She studied at the National Technical University of Athens, Department of Architecture, where she received her diploma in 2010. During her studies she participated in architectural competitions and exhibitions, such as the competition Future Bench (Athens 2010), where she participated in the relative exhibition and the international competition of XXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture (Torino 2008) . Her thesis “Epopteia / Nature and mythology in the landscape of Vrayron“, was selected by the jury of Great 2013 (greek architectural talent) as one of the 41 projects that was exhibited in Athens Concert ( 2010 she has been working in Greece in collaboration with many architectural office and has participated in architectural competitions. In 2016 she participated  in World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering-Architecture-Urban Planning Symposium 2016 - WMCAUS, as a co-author of paper “Sustainable development as a means to protect sensitive cultural landscapes.“ In recent years, she has acquired her own office in association with partners, while she is continuing her studies at Hellenic Open University on a postgraduate course in Lighting Design (MA).   

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